Recipe warns of immediate withdrawal scam of IRPF refund

Almost 29 million IR statements were delivered, says Revenue

The Internal Revenue Service reported that by 4:00 pm this Friday (27) a total of 28,880,296 individual Income Tax (IRPF) 2022 statements had been delivered. period, which ends on the 31st of May.Almost 29 million IR statements were delivered, says Revenue

Anyone who is obliged to deliver the declaration and does not do so by the end of the deadline will be subject to a fine. The amount of the fine is 1% per month, on the amount of income tax due, limited to 20% of the amount of income tax. The minimum amount of the fine is R$ 165.74.

The fine is generated at the time of delivery of the declaration and the release notification is together with the delivery receipt. The taxpayer will have 30 days to pay the fine. After this period, interest on arrears begins to accrue, adjusted by the Selic rate, currently at 12.75% per year.

who must declare

Taxpayers who received, in 2021, taxable income, subject to annual adjustment, greater than BRL 28,559.70 are required to declare the tax. In addition to these taxpayers, who received, last year, income that was exempt, non-taxable or taxed exclusively at source in an amount greater than R$ 40 thousand, such as income from financial investments, donations, inheritances, divorce sharing, sharecropping, indemnities, dividends and interest on equity; who received, in 2021, annual gross revenue from rural activities in an amount above the limit of R$ 142,798.50.

It is also required to declare the tax who had, on December 31, 2021, the possession or ownership of goods and rights, including bare land, in a value greater than the limit of R$ 300 thousand; persons who obtained, in any month of the past year, capital gain on the sale of assets or rights, subject to tax, or carried out operations on the stock exchange.

Art Income Tax 2022

People who made a profit, in 2021, from the sale of residential properties, but opted for one of the situations of total or partial income tax exemption on capital gain; that intend to offset losses from rural activity or from stock exchange operations; and those who became resident in Brazil last year are also required to declare the tax.


One of the novelties in the IRPF 2022 statement is the expanded access to the pre-filled statement through all available platforms, and the receipt of the refund and payment of DARF via Pix, as long as the taxpayer’s key is the CPF.

The Declaration Generator Program is available on the Revenue website for users of Windows, iOS and Linux systems. It will also be possible to declare online or by mobile devices, through the My Income Tax app.

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