González says that "Congress must take action now" so that Castillo leaves the presidency

González says that “Congress must take action now” so that Castillo leaves the presidency

Former Minister of the Interior He urged the Congress of the Republic to take immediate action so that the constitutional succession that corresponds to the removal from office of the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, occurs.

This, after the head of state removed him from his position at the head of the Ministry of the Interior on the night of Tuesday, July 19.

“The constitutional succession must take place, beyond any doubt or questioning that there may be about people, including the vice president. It should happen immediately. Congress should take action now and what continues is Congress and what the constitutional order decides”he pointed out in statements to RPP.

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González, who was in the position of minister for about two weeks, also asked the Public Ministry to have “a much more rigid role” in the investigations against the President of the Republic.

“I think that it is important, in addition to stealthily guarding the work of the prosecution, also the integrity, not just the name, of our patriotic police officers in charge of this investigation because it would not be unusual for them to try to act against them”he asserted.

The former minister attributed the decision made by Pedro Castillo to remove him from office to “political incompetence and lack of clarity in making decisions,” in addition to any other legal questioning for alleged criminal ties to the head of state.

“I think hampering intelligence teams is a clear obstruction of justice. For me, that is obvious and totally disqualifies him from continuing to be the country’s first president.”, he stated.


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