Diputados anuncian modificarán proyecto Ley Extinción de Dominio

Deputies announce they will modify the Domain Extinction Law project

It becomes impossible for the Domain Forfeiture Law can be approved in the Chamber of Deputies in the way that the Senate sanctioned it, reported yesterday the president of the legislative body, Alfred Pacheco.

He anticipated that the initiative will be subject to modifications.

He pointed out that among the aspects to be changed in the project is effective judicial protection, based on what is established in the article 69 of the Dominican Constitutionwhich recognizes the presumption of innocence of the accused and what is related to the due process of the preliminary proceedings, during and after the Trial of Extinction of Domain.

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The Domain Forfeiture project was read in its entirety and in today’s session, the deputies begin the debates, with the observations and proposals for amendments to the bill approved by the senators.

It was learned that the Senate approved a Bill for the Extinction of Assets different from the one agreed upon in the bicameral commission that studied the initiative for the law that will prosecute assets obtained from illicit manner.

After 5:00 in the afternoon, the deputies finished reading the project that they will meet again in the session today, at 11:00 in the morning.

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There are several modifications that the project will have. What Pacheco did not clarify is whether these modifications are to resume the project agreed upon in the bicameral or to include novel aspects, which in any case, rolls back the project, throws away the approval of the Senate and forces it to have to go back to be approved by senators.

All this must take place before next Tuesday, when the current legislature ends, unless it is extended by the President of the Republic.

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