Goianiense eliminates Olimpia on penalties

Atlético Goianiense of Brazil beat Olimpia 2-0 and won 5-3 in the definition from the penalty spot, thus advancing to the quarterfinals of the South American Soccer Cup.

Argentine attacker Diego Churín and fellow striker Airton, with two good goals at the beginning of the game, gave Goianiense the victory in regulation time.

In the quarterfinals, Goianiense, led by ex-lateral Jorginho, will face Uruguayan Nacional de Montevideo, who left Argentina’s Unión de Santa Fe on the road.

With the obligation to win, at least by two goals difference, the “dragons” eagerly jumped onto the field and after four minutes, in a corner kick taken by Airton, Churín went ahead and defined without problems on the Uruguayan goalkeeper Gastón Oliveira.

Two minutes later, Goianiense partially leveled the series with Airton’s goal, leveling the aggregate score after last week’s 2-0 loss in Asunción.

Churín was about to score the third in the 17th minute with a shot that hit the crossbar and the Colombian referee Wilmar Roldán annulled another goal by Marlon Freitas, two minutes later, for an advanced position.

When everything seemed that the homeowners were going to expand, the visiting team, led by Julio César Cáceres, began to gradually curb the control of their rival, who, however, kept the clearest options in the first half, mainly with Airton and Shaylon.

The process of the game, with a Goianiense with possession of the ball but without effectiveness and Olimpia exercising control in their defense, was predominant in the second half.

Marlon Freitas, who scored the last goal in the lottery from twelve steps, had two clear opportunities before the end of regulation time.

– Data sheet:

Atletico Goianense: Ronaldo; Háyner, Edson Felipe, Ramón Menezes, Jéfferson; Gabriel Baralhas, Marlon Freitas, Shaylon, Airton (m.79, Leo Pereira/m.92 Rickson); Diego Churín (m.67, Luiz Fernando) and Wellington Rato.

Coach: Jorginho.

Olympia: Gaston Olveira; Sergio Otálvaro (m.33, Víctor Salazar), Luis Zárate, Saúl Salcedo, Iván Torres (m.28, Mateo Gamarra); Richard Ortiz, Hugo Quintana, Alejandro Silva, Fernando Cardozo; Derlis González and Jorge Recalde (m.46, Guillermo Paiva).

Coach: Julio Cesar Caceres.

Goals: 1-0, m.4: Diego Churin. 2-0, m.6: Airton.

Shootout from the penalty spot: 1-0: Wellington Rato, goal; 1-1: Silva, goal; 2-1: Gabriel Baralhas, goal: 2-1: Quintana: deflected; 3-1: Shaylon, goal; 3-2: Ortiz, goal; 4-2: Rickson, goal; 4-3: Cardozo, goal; 5-3: Marlon Freitas, goal.

Referee: Colombian Wilmar Roldán. He admonished the local Airton and the visitor Zárate.

Incidents: Second leg for the round of 16 of the South American Cup played before 14,419 spectators at the Serra Dourada stadium, in the Brazilian city of Goiania. Goianiense advanced to the quarterfinals. EFE

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