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Gioconda Belli thanks Spain for nationalizing her son and 13 other political exiles

The Nicaraguan poet and writer Gioconda Belli thanked the Government of Spain for nationalizing the first 14 political exiles from the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

Through her Twitter account, the one also exiled from the Nicaraguan dictatorship, pointed out that her son is on the first list of nationalized, Camilo Castro Belli.

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«How not to love the generosity and solidarity of Spain? Among the first 14 nationalized is my son Camilo De Castro and some of the most beloved and upright people in Nicaragua. Thank you for that hug that welcomes you! », The now nationalized Chilean thanked, after the outburst of her nationality on February 15 of this year, along with 93 other citizens.

Spain was the first country in the international community to offer to grant nationality to the more than 300 Nicaraguans who were declared stateless by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. Three months later, that condition was already granted to a group of 14 people.

Among those who benefited from the decision of the Kingdom of Spain are journalists, opposition politicians, feminist activists, human rights defenders and a priest, according to the list published on Friday, May 12, in the Official State Gazette (BOE) of Spain. , available on their website.

The Council of Ministers of Spain resolved on the 11th of the same month to grant Spanish nationality to the first group of Nicaraguans declared “traitors to the homeland” by the Daniel Ortega regime. The ministers met in an extraordinary way to address the effects of the drought in Spain and took the opportunity to put this issue on the table.

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The Kingdom of Spain expects to conclude in August 2023 the delivery of the nationality of the European country to stateless Nicaraguans, as explained by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of that country, José Manuel Albares, to a group of exiled opponents with whom the afternoon of May 11, in Washington.

Article 66 He tried to communicate with the poet Gioconda Belli to learn a little more about her impressions of this decision by Spain —which, since the more than 300 citizens were denationalized, has shown its solidarity and support—, however, contact could not be established.

For their part, other citizens, who are officially recognized as Spanish nationals, have expressed, through their social networks, their gratitude to the government of Pedro Sánchez.

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