New edition of “Dramatur” at the Ignacio A. Pane

New edition of “Dramatur” at the Ignacio A. Pane

“Río Revuelto” is called the digital magazine of Paraguayan cultural research. It launched a first chapter called “Women of the Paraguayan Independent Theater in the context of the Stronista dictatorship.”

At the launch, carried out days ago at the headquarters of the Paraguayan Theater Center (Cepate), chapter one of a miniseries of short documentaries that make up the project was presented. Both the magazine and the audiovisual material are freely accessible and can be downloaded free of charge.

In the launching act, well-known and well-known theater artists who participate in this edition through interviews gathered.

New edition of “Dramatur” at the Ignacio A. Pane

Testimonies of Teresita Pesoa, Line BareiroMargarita Miro, raquel rojasErenia Lopez, Hedy Gonzalez FrutosÑasaindy Barret, Lilian Sosa, Teresa Gonzalez MeyerVictoria Figueredo, Derlis Perez, Anthony Pecci, Tito Jara RomanSilvio Tendler and Antonio Ayala.

The general coordination of the launch and the investigation correspond to the actress, producer and director, Fatima Fernandez Centurion who leads the research team made up of Elías R. Colmán and Juan Cruz Forgnone with audiovisual collaborations by Rebeca Elias, Tais Estrada, Sonia Moura, Julieta Morel, Vero Diaz and Margarita Araujo. On guitar, Micaela Núñez.

New edition of “Dramatur” at the Ignacio A. Pane

All the details of the project can be found on the Instagram account @_riorevuelto and on Vimeo: _ riorevuelt o. The public can also contact the team in charge at the email address [email protected].

They support the launch of El Ropero News, Cepate, Nhi Mu Theater, El Teatrario, Martín Pizzichini Lighting and Evolution Academy of Dance. sponsors the Municipal Research Fund for Arts and Culture.

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