"Ghost items": Del Castillo urges justice and the opposition urges him to ask that "Zapata return the money"

“Ghost items”: Del Castillo urges justice and the opposition urges him to ask that “Zapata return the money”

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After the Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, affirmed this Tuesday that the people of Santa Cruz are asking for “justice and the return of the resources that have been stolen” in the case of “ghost items”, the deputy of the Citizen Community (CC ) María José Salazar urged him to also request that Gabriela Zapata “return the money” from the CAMC case.

Last week, the central level of the State announced that it will become a plaintiff in the case of the alleged irregular collection of salaries during the administrations of mayors Percy Fernández and Angélica Sosa.

In this process, an economic damage to the State of approximately Bs 40 million is calculated.

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“The Ministry of Justice through the Vice Ministry of Fight Against Corruption has been involved in this process to ensure that it is completely impartial (…) What the people of Santa Cruz want is justice and that the resources that are They have robbed him for many years, “said Del Castillo in contact with the Santa Cruz press, reviewing an institutional bulletin.

Deputy Salazar criticized an alleged “double standard” by Executive authorities by referring only to acts of corruption that “suit them.”

In this context, he cited a video in which Del Castillo is allegedly seen referring to irregularities in the management of former President Evo Morales, but today he does not make any pronouncement.

“We ask Minister Del Castillo to also request that the resources that were stolen during the government of Evo Morales be returned to the State coffers. He admitted the acts of corruption of Morales and now does not say. Also to demand that Zapata return the money, “he said.

Regarding the case of the “phantom items”, the opponent affirmed that it is a fact that must be clarified and from which the resources must be recovered.

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