Ghost ambulances: they denounce that they intimidate the party that filed the lawsuit

Ghost ambulances: they denounce that they intimidate the party that filed the lawsuit

Pablo Peralta M. / Page Seven Digital

Zegarra Motors’ lawyer, Richard Alejo, denounced this Wednesday that his client is being intimidated. The jurist presumes that his client is being sought to desist from the process filed against Estefals Logistics, the company that was irregularly awarded the acquisition of the 41 ambulances in Potosí.

“It turns out that through the security cameras (my client) he has noticed that there are strange people who are hanging around his home, taking pictures of his property, where the Zegarra Motors maintenance workshop also operates,” Alejo told Página Digital Seven.

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The jurist added that his client also realized that “there are strange people who are following him where he is going.”

Alejo indicated that all this occurred since the Executive targeted Zegarra Motors, which filed the lawsuit against Estefals Logistics, for the alleged commission of ideological falsehood, for having made illegal and malicious use of its NIT without having a corresponding contract or consent.

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On Sunday, the Minister of Justice, Iván Lima, indicated that there are 17 officials under investigation and pointed out that criminal action had been opened against the owners of the companies Estefals Logistics and Zegarra Motors, “because it is strange that the two owners of those companies are very youths”.

“What is being sought is that my client abandon this process, desist from this process and that it cannot be clarified, given that the only process that is being aired and carrying out investigative acts is this process that the company Zegarra has established Motors against the company Estefals Logistics. The objective is surely that my client, frightened, intimidated, persecuted, has to abandon the criminal process”, assured Alejo.

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