Get to know the road closures in Quito for the festivities proclamation

Get to know the road closures in Quito for the festivities proclamation

The Quito Festivities start with a proclamation, in Plaza San Francisco, on Friday November 26, 2021. Learn about road closures and alternate routes.

The Quito festivals they start with a proclamation that will leave from the Municipality (Plaza Grande) at 18:00 and will arrive at the San Francisco Square.

The Metropolitan Transit Agency announced the mobility operations for that day. Road closures will start at 5:00 p.m. and the streets where it will not be possible to travel with vehicles will be:

  • Rocafuerte and Venezuela
  • Simon Bolivar and Benalcázar
  • Imbabura and Mejía
  • Cuenca and Mejía
  • Olmedo and Benalcázar
  • Olmedo and García Moreno
  • Olmedo and Flores
  • Guayaquil and Caldas

In the rest of the city (south-north) there will be no closures

Alternate routes

  • Mariscal Sucre Avenue
  • Pichincha Avenue (La Marín sector)
  • Rocafuerte Street

National artists at the proclamation

A concert will be held at 7:00 p.m., at the foot of the church of San Francisco. The artists who will animate the event They are: Yavirac Group, Municipal Band, the Cumbancheros, Pancho Terán, Karla Kanora, the National Folkloric Ballet and Juanita Burbano. There will also be a theater performance by Las Marujas.


The capacity for the concert is 2,500 people. There are no tickets, people will be able to enter until completing the capacity. The use of a mask is mandatory. (AVV)

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