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Get ready for what’s coming

Havana Cuba. – Greater economic strangulations to Cubans can be deduced from the biased information on the State Budget for 2023, issued by Meisi Bolaños, Vladimir Regueiro and Maritza Cruz, Minister, first deputy minister and deputy minister of Finance and Prices, respectively, and Mary Blanca Ortega, head of the National Tax Administration Office (ONAT), in the “Round Table” on January 16.

The only thing clear from the statements made by these officials was that taxes will be raised and that the peso has to recover its value, although salaries and pensions will not be raised. That is to say, inflation to be continue.

The authorities order to wait until the value of the peso is restored with the Macroeconomic Stabilization Program, which Meisi Bolaños announced as a priority in support of that policy outlined by Vice President Alejandro Gil. To that end, they establish mhigher taxes to compensate for the large deficit and the strengthening of the control of the municipality and getting rid of the chaos that the Government itself has created.

However, the information about the elimination of the 10% tax on new MSMEs in 2023 it monopolized the reports of the independent and international media. For those that started in 2022, that benefit is maintained. Precisely because new entrepreneurs have to open up a market and have used their savings to start very uncertain businesses, the tax exemption is necessary. However, when the Government publicizes the authorization of new MSMEs to show the “grand opening” it puts all possible obstacles, such as pressure for the so-called linkage with state companies and to establish affiliates of the unions, the Communist Party and the Communist Youth Union.

The only successful activity in the country, due to the independent effort and with its own resources, is once again attacked by the misgivings of the political leadership, which is incapable of encouraging the “socialist state companies” with the dozens of measures and the supposed autonomy with respect to the mandates of centralized planning and command echelons.

Independent workers use means, inputs and raw materials managed with great difficulty because the Government does not sell them wholesale and they must buy at high prices even in the informal market, usually without being able to directly access foreign trade on their own.

The orWell-founded and demonstrative opinions of the population of the vicissitudes of Cubans – to try to demonstrate to the international community that the people are heard – are received and published selectively on the official website cubadebate. The Ministry of Finance and Prices justifies itself and tries to convince not to change anything.

When people have been fleeing jobs for decades due to poor working conditions, low wages and political pressures, the lack of labor in all activities in the country and the stampede abroad make production more difficult and, therefore, So the economic recovery. The authorities have to open all possibilities to those who are in need of economic means to survive and progress freely for the benefit of Cuba.

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