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“Get out Mario Delgado!”, Morenistas shout at the Monument to the Revolution

"Get out Mario Delgado!", Morenistas shout at the Monument to the Revolution

“Mario out! Mario out! Get out Mario!”, the morenistas shouted in front of the Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City. They took advantage of every pause in the speeches of the priest Alejandro Solalinde and Irma Eréndira Saldoval, former secretary of the Public Service, to launch slogans against those who lead Morena.

“We are clear that the leadership of the party does not care about our requests and demands. Let’s not waste any more time asking them for anything. It is time to recognize that the party leadership has abandoned us. It is time to take Morena in our hands, ”said Ackerman in his intervention.

“We will win the battle against Mario Delgado’s raccoons and grasshoppers,” he added. The cries of those present continued against the Morenoite national leadership.

The focus of the Second Morenista National Convention was to agree on “concrete actions in favor of the defense of the founding principles of the movement.” It was carried out weeks after Ackerman himself denounced that Morena’s internal process for choosing male and female directors was riddled with irregularities.

Ackerman’s speech, full of references to the words of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also anticipated that signatures would be gathered to demand that the Morenista election be annulled.

“No one can fill Andrés Manuel’s shoes, only all of us together can give continuity to this project,” said the member of the UNAM Legal Research Institute. “Get out Mario!”, He heard himself again, and again.

Morena’s leadership “shows that they despise, shows disdain towards the demands of the Morenoist bases. They applied the Salinist maxim: I neither see them nor hear them,” added Ackerman. And the shouting against Delgado and Hernández continued.

The Morenista Convention concluded with the intonation of the Mexican national anthem. Nearly 5,000 people participated, and many traveled from other entities, according to event organizers.

Almost at the same time as the event at the Monument to the Revolution, Mario Delgado assured on social networks that Morena is advancing in its process of internal reorganization.

“This weekend we are celebrating 11 state congresses and today we were present at the one that took place in Colima, my beloved land,” he said. “Morena is the most democratic party in Mexico!” he added.

“This has been a transparent, open and democratic process. Where the people decided who should be the national congressmen. And the congressmen, today and the next weekends, with a free and secret vote, will be choosing their leaders. At Morena we can have differences because we are plural; we have no single thought. But we are united in this mission to strengthen the fourth transformation,” said Delgado.

“We are a party of millions, we are a party of the people of Mexico. And that was demonstrated in this internal process that we had. Now as leaders it is up to us to do institutional work, Morena has to be a party with a great capacity for organization and mobilization, and we must avoid the formation of bureaucratic structures that ultimately end up getting in the way at different junctures,” added the Moreno leader.

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