Children’s music for children in summer

The children’s music singer Lidis Lamorú premiered the song “Casa, amor y ternura”, published by the record company Bis, will belong to the album Tito’s world.

The song is authored by Daniel Martín and places “the family as the origin and center of love, as the main source of human values ​​that are only formed during childhood”, according to a Bis Music press release.

The work, created in collaboration with the Latin Institute of Music, is based on the animated character Tito Reacciona, created by Daniel Martín himself to honor personalities from Latin American and Caribbean culture.

The single was published as a prelude to the concert that Lamorú will offer next September 3 on the central stage of the Pabellón Cuba as part of the activities of Arte en la Rampa, where he will share his music with children and the Cuban family.

The theme will be accompanied by a video clip by Luis Ernesto González, as well as coloring books produced by Ediciones Cubanas based on the character, the record label announced.

Lidis Lamorú, born in Holguín, has a career of more than 25 years of creations for children and has performed in several of the main stages of the country for children.

Regarding her participation in this project, the singer recently told the Holguin newspaper Now which was a “luxury”.

It also meant that the album responds to the different sound designs of these times with very current codes within the Latin American musical dynamic, without neglecting the Cuban identity.

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