Gerardo Zamora filed a criminal complaint against Silvio Robles

Gerardo Zamora filed a criminal complaint against Silvio Robles

Gerardo Zamora, Governor of Santiago del Estero.

The Governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamorafiled a complaint on Monday against Silvio Roblesclose collaborator of the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Horace Rosattiof course “influence peddling and breach of the duties of a public official” in the face of chat leaks that would show a link between the Buenos Aires government and that court.

On his social networks, Zamora said that he filed a criminal complaint with the Federal Prosecutor in charge of Santiago del Estero against “Dr. Silvio Federico Robles, spokesman for the president of the CSJN, for the SD of Influence peddling and breaching the duties of a public officialattentive to the journalistic publications that have generated great public commotion, about chat leaks where the ruling in favor of CABA would have been fixed by the federal co-participation index”.

Zamora requested “as precautionary immediate delivery of their phones for official use“and others that he habitually uses to submit them to expertise and achieve” the prompt clarification of this situation that is generating unprecedented institutional gravity.

“Today not only do we see a fundamental pillar of the Nation threatened, which is federalism, but also, in the face of this fact, the very institutionality of the country and the validity of the rule of law are seen in crisis,” he warned.

Zamora maintained that “messages allegedly issued from the phone of Marcelo D’AlessandroMinister of Security of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), of dialogues with Silvio Roblesspokesman for the president of the Court, Horace Rosatti; from which information arises, which, if true, would be conduct prohibited to a public official of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation”.

He indicated that “as it emerges from the information disseminated by journalistic media such as the one published by Infobae on December 30 “more chats were leaked from the cell phone of Marcelo D’Alessandro, Buenos Aires Minister of Security.” “These are dialogues with Silvio Robles, spokesman for the president of the Court, Horacio Rosatti…” “….In addition, the spokesperson for Rosatti and D’Alessandro refer to the “Robles ruling”. This is how the interlocutors would have baptized the ruling of the Court that would be known later -on December 21- and that would end up tipping the balance to favor of the city of Buenos Aires in the dispute with the Casa Rosada for co-participation'”, quotes Zamora.

Horacio Rosatti president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation Photo Analia Garelli
Horacio Rosatti, president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. / Photo: Analia Garelli

He added that the newspaper Perfil published on December 30 “New leaked chats by Marcelo D’Alessandro show the link between the Court and the City of Buenos Aires“…In the last hours, other conversations were known through Telegram of the Buenos Aires official that would expose the link with the Supreme Court, a court that has just ruled in favor of the City of Buenos Aires in the case for the sharing”.

“On November 9, Silvio Robles sent a link. Robles is the general director of Horacio Rosatti’s committee, president of the Supreme Court, and these conversations are part of a new leak that shows the alleged chats held by the Buenos Aires Security Minister, Marcelo D’Alessandro”, commented. “This link that he shares leads to a note entitled” Judge Rosatti will continue to lead CABA’s claim against the Nation for co-participation “.”, He added.

Zamora recalled the case in which the Court issued a precautionary order ordering that “the National State deliver to the CABA, 2.95%, of the mass of funds that correspond to the Nation” and that the transfers be made “in the form daily and automatically by the Banco de la Nación Argentina and the National State, during the processing of the process, refrain from applying Law 27,606”.

“Cause in which the Argentine provinces requested their incorporation without obtaining any response,” Zamora pointed out.

He said that “if true, the actions” of Robles “necessarily lead to infidelity that undermines the administration of justice for the benefit of a part of the process, which has no record in the history of that Court of such reprehensible conduct.” .

It also stated that “it should be noted that the judges of the Court have signed decisions referring to transparency and open government for more than fifteen years that are incompatible with instructions for dependent officials to connect in this way with people who have interests in causes that are processed before that High Court”.

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