General Victor Araus was summoned to the American embassy;  you must bring your passport

General Victor Araus was summoned to the American embassy; you must bring your passport

Ambassador Michael Fitzpatrick spoke about the presence of “narco generals” in Ecuador and assured that the diplomatic mission withdrew their visas.

The Police General, Victor Araus, published two tweets on the night of this Tuesday, December 14, 2021 in which it refers to a call for the U.S. Embassy, in the north of Quito. He indicates that They asked to bring the passports of their entire family. He assured that he will give a press conference after the event.

“I have just been summoned tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. for an interview at the American Embassy. They asked me to bring my passports (not just mine, but my family’s). I presume what it will be for. Then I will announce the result of it at a press conference. #ConlaFamiliaNo ”.

Then, he made an accusation about an audio in which the General commander.

The convocation of Araus to the American embassy is given after the publication of an interview with the diplomatic chief of that country, Michal fitzpatrick, that denounces the penetration of drug trafficking in the security forces and that even speaks of “narco generals.”

These statements prompted a response from the Government. The Ministry of Defense and Government requested informationto the American delegation on the generals whose visas have been revoked to travel to that country.

It also occurs in the midst of a legal fight between Araus and the Police Commander, Tannya Varela. The general returned to service after a constitutional judge accepted a protection action last December 8 and annulled an Executive Decree that ceased his functions.

He filed a complaint against Varela for ideological falsehood. The process was started after being dismissed from his duties as he did not obtain the necessary qualifications for his promotion. He maintains that there was never a meeting between the Commander General and the then Minister of Government, César Monge (deceased), which was necessary to determine whether he should rise in rank or withdraw from the institution. (DP)

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