General Tiburcio does not know the reasons for his removal from the General Command of the Police

General PNP(r) Until just a few days ago, he was the general commander of the National Police and under his command the international search and capture of the former secretary of the Presidential Office was ordered. and the nephew of President Pedro Castillo, Fray Vásquez Castillo. The ‘audacity’ cost him the position; the head of state dismissed him.

Yesterday, before the Congressional Oversight Commission, the now-retired official pointed out, without half measures, that he does not know the real reasons for his removal. “I would like (the authorities) to answer it at the time, they did not give me explanations about the reasons for the dismissal. If we have to see the work we have done in such a short time, we have very good figures”, he commented. Previously, he briefly outlined that the news of his dismissal was given by the new Minister of the Interior, . “He said that there was relief, that it was the president’s prerogative as a matter of trust; This kind of acts of disrespect for the institutions is not new. The National Police has always not been treated as it deserves by the political party”, he added while claiming respect for the institution.

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In his speech, moreover, the general confirmed –the report of Peru21– that it was the PNP that incorporated and Fray Vásquez on the list of the most wanted and asked the Public Ministry “to do its thing with the alert for their international capture.” “We have done some technical work. If someone is outside the law, we must enforce the Constitution, here there should be no privileges for anyone, the law is made for everythings”, indicated the former Gein detective.

Keep in mind

  • Tiburcio ratified his support for the head of the Dircote, General Óscar Arriola, who was the target of criticism from Vladimir Cerrón.
  • The Police should not be subject to the political sphere. They said it was poor, they may not agree with what we do, but respect us”, he claimed.


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