Deputies prevent drug planes from being shot down

The Chamber of Deputies approved, with modifications, the bill “that modifies articles 2, 5 and 7 of Law 5,400/2015 on Surveillance and Protection of Paraguayan airspace.”

However, the initiative approved by the legislators only establishes the power to fire intimidating shots at suspicious and unidentified aircraft, including drug planes. In other words, they curtailed the spirit of the law that gave the Paraguayan Air Force (FAP) the power to shoot down these planes.

Raúl Latorre, national deputy for the ANR, pointed out that the fight against organized crime requires a reorganization of the security forces.

“It is impossible to control the tons of drugs that flow through our airspace. We have a visible inability to have control and knowledge. The need to have radars and fighter squadrons that allow interception is imperative, ”he commented.

Latorre argued the elimination of the possibility of shooting down these planes. He argued that the best option is for the process to be carried out in two phases, the first consisting of a verbal warning and the second consisting of warning shots with ammunition containing cartridges.

Now go to the Chamber of Senators.

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