General assembly of PSUV professionals and technicians held in Yaracuy

General assembly of PSUV professionals and technicians held in Yaracuy

This Thursday, the General Assembly of Professionals and Technicians of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) was held in San Felipe, Yaracuy, within the framework of the V Congress of that political organization.

From the meeting, the proposal arose to include this sector more in the coordination of public policies where the party is the government.

The meeting took place at the facilities of the Yutong de Venezuela bus plant, in the Independencia municipality of the city of San Felipe.

The national delegates of the V Congress of the PSUV, Professionals and Technicians chapter, Yasneidi Guanieri, Simón Zerpa, Ingrid Carmona and Graciela Carmona, and the state delegate Miguel Solórzano participated.

Representing the doctors of Yaracuy, María Montilla, raised the need to create national, regional and municipal commissions of professionals and technicians that function as advisory entities of the Public Administration, in the corresponding instances where there are PSUV rulers.

He pointed out that the purpose of the proposal is to join wills and the great professional, technical and scientific potential that this sector has, to help promote effective public policies and improve government action.

“The plan is that in each mayor’s office, in each governorate, there is an advisory commission of professionals and technicians to help our PSUV leaders design the actions they need to improve their government performance. It is a proposal that we submit for the consideration of the V Congress of our glorious party, “said Montilla.

Meanwhile, the national delegate, Yasneidi Guarnieri, stressed that all the proposals of these assemblies will be debated in the plenary session of Congress, to evaluate and review their implementation.

He mentioned that the objective of the meetings is to take the first steps towards the organization of the party structure “in order to build the power of the people around the unity of our organization, people and government.”

  • General assembly of PSUV professionals and technicians held in Yaracuy

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