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Gender-based dating violence can be lethal: AI

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Cesar Arellano Garcia

Newspaper La Jornada
Tuesday, May 24, 2022, p. 13

Dating violence often begins with psychological abuse that is difficult for young women to identify, which is why family communication is important and that authorities deal with gender-based violence when it is reported, said Enza Petraglia, from Amnesty International (AI) Venezuela. . During the Latin American Seminar Courtship Without ViolenceItzael Castellano, from Save the Children Mexico, said that gender stereotypes must be dismantled from childhood so that the relationships they build in the future are not violent.

The AI ​​activist pointed out that this problem must be made visible, since this type of aggression is being lethal and endangers the integrity of adolescent women who can lose their lives in their first relationships.

It also announced the launch of the campaign courtship without violenceto demand women’s respect for a life free of abuse and that seeks to promote women’s organizations, including the UN, as the International Day for the Prevention of Dating Violence.

“Amnesty International has been documenting and making visible cases of harassment, abuse and femicide for a long time. Dating violence deserves special attention, especially when relationships between young people begin and roles and limits are defined, violent behaviors in couple relationships are not perceived as such, both by the victims and by the aggressors.

There are still asymmetries that are difficult to overcome if they are not worked on. The only way to eradicate stereotypes in relationships and avoid psychological violence among adolescents is awareness and education at home and in the classroom.he warned.

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