40 families decided to evacuate due to the threat of a landslide in the Mombacho volcano

40 families decided to evacuate due to the threat of a landslide in the Mombacho volcano

The National System for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Attention (Sinapred) reported that a possible saturation of the soil due to the rains that have been generating in recent days in Nicaraguan territory would have been what caused the landslide on the slopes of the Mombacho volcano, in Granada. Some 40 families were evacuated due to the threat.

Citizens became alarmed at eight o’clock at night on Monday, May 23, when residents of Aguas Agrias heard rumblings in the volcano, “at the same time that the waters of the Brujo River grew and were full of sediment,” said the Sinapred in its statement.

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Guillermo González, director of Sinapred, pointed out that, given this situation, they established coordination with specialists from the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (Ineter) to “deepen” and thoroughly understand what has happened and thus take measures to prevent any situation.

Landslide due to rain in the Mombacho volcano. Photo: The Press

The entities highlight that rescue elements from the Nicaraguan Army and Civil Defense were present at the scene to assess the conditions and support the population if necessary. “There was a small slide that caused the release of that material, in general terms the calm has returned” said González.

According to Sinapred, there are at least 641 residents in the area and according to Ineter data, the slopes of the Mombacho volcano, the Río Brujo area and the surrounding area are highly vulnerable to landslides, in addition to having a high risk of vulnerability of being affected by landslides.

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“Ineter specialists are already traveling to the place to carry out a neat study of what the situation is like, what caused this event,” said González, who described the reaction of the families who decided to self-evacuate as “very appropriate.” the emergency situation.

In the entire municipality of Nandaime there are at least 3,600 people who are at high risk from landslides, and these make up 10 communities, most of whom live on the slopes of the volcano. In addition, there is little telephone coverage in that area, so communication with those who live in these places becomes almost impossible.

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