Gasoline of 95 and 91 will register a drop in its price and diesel will rise from Friday

The National Energy Secretariat issued the new prices that will take effect from 6 in the morning on Friday, September 9 in the country

The regulatory body for liquid fuel sales prices explained that the new prices will be in force until September 23, 2022.

They detailed that for the provinces of Panama and Colón the prices in liters of 95-octane gasoline will give 1.08 balboas, 91-octane gasoline will cost 1.03 balboas and diesel will register an increase, remaining at 1.22 balboas.

With the new prices, the gallon of 95-octane gasoline registers a decrease of 18 cents and 91-octane gasoline will drop 17 cents while diesel will rise 17 cents.

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