Garments triggered inflation in January, why is this?

Garments triggered inflation in January, why is this?

On Saturday, the Dane announced the inflation figure for the start of the year, which is around 7% in its annual variation (6.94%) and which for January stood at 1.67%. According to the most recent report, this strong upward behavior was mainly driven by the increase in prices in the clothing and footwear division, which registered a monthly variation of 4.03%.

(‘Colombians will pay up to 1.5 times more for clothes in December’).

In November, before the start of the Christmas season and the end of the year, this sector registered a variation of -0.63%, that is, it remained in negative territory.


This strong variation had already been noticed by fashion manufacturers, who already saw an increase in prices coming.

The garment manufacturers had warned about the difficulties in importing inputs and finished products, which were finally noted in the cost increases, as was the case of the Colombian Chamber of Clothing and Allied Products.

(Clothing market is reactivated amid high inflation in the sector).

For his part, César Ramos, manager of Roott+Co, Ibagué brand that designs and sells fashion clothing and footwear, had also drawn attention to costs.

“The problem at the moment is not a lack of demand but rather one of being able to produce”, said when warning about the rise in the last year of more than 35% to 40% of cotton and maritime freight.


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