García Luna and Felipe Calderón, the secretary-president relationship of a six-year term

García Luna and Felipe Calderón, the secretary-president relationship of a six-year term

a relationship of trust

Saucedo explained that Calderón and García Luna maintained a relationship of trust, “very close”, although in the end, the strategy to combat the drug cartels was biased, given that for some a lax attitude, as in the case of the Cartel del Sinaloa.

“Even though what the ex-prosecutor Veytia said could not be supported with evidence, in fact his narrative is consistent with what was observed during Calderón’s six-year term, that some cartels were protected,” noted Roberto Saucedo.

According to the consultant and political analyst, at the moment between Calderón and García Luna there has been a relationship of respect and they have even avoided any direct signaling.

“It has been a series of nods to the distance between Calderón and García Luna of not betraying each other, of not accusing each other, of not making accusations. It seems to me that they are acting under understood values, not accusing each other of possible acts of corruption and that it is rather third parties who make these accusations ”, he commented.

At the moment there is a functional complicity, but the moment one of them mentions or accuses the other with alleged acts of corruption, the unwritten alliance or pact would be broken, he added.

At the moment, he said, Genaro García Luna has insisted, together with his lawyers, that there is a conspiracy of drug traffickers against him, for having arrested them, which translates into an attitude of revenge or statements against him in order to be able to obtain benefits of US law.

However, the expert continued, “there is the latent possibility that at some point (García Luna) could break this pact of silence with Calderón by being found guilty of one of the crimes that he is accused of and finally comment on something he experienced. or the instructions that the former president gave him.”

But this will be seen in the final stretch of the trial and it will be at that moment when it will be shown whether or not the former Secretary of Public Security decides to break with Felipe Calderón, and chooses to make specific remarks to him.

“Given the possibility that García Luna begins to testify against Calderón, that is why he is currently in Spain,” said the expert.

Former President Felipe Calderón spoke on Tuesday about the statements in the García Luna trial.

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