Emergency due to gender violence in Cuba: Two new femicides confirmed

MIAMI, United States. – The feminist platform YoSíTeCreo in Cuba and the Gender Observatory of the magazine taut wings (OGAT) confirmed this tuesday two new femicides occurred on the island, bringing the known number of murders of Cuban women to six in 2023.

According to the aforementioned sources, Arletis Almarales Alberteris, 40 years old and a physiotherapist at a San Germán Nursing Home, in Holguín, was fatally assaulted by her ex-partner on the public highway on January 26.

Meanwhile, on February 3, she was killed by her ex-partner Yanet Rodríguez, 33, in San Agustín, La Lisa, in Havana. “Community sources denounce the situation of family violence (gender and child violence, specifically) in this home and the need for comprehensive actions in these cases,” said YoSíTeCreo in Cuba.

The feminist platform also called on citizens to articulate to avoid other extreme acts of gender violence.

The femicide of the 17-year-old teenager Leidy Bacallao, happened on February 4 at the hands of her ex-partner and at the Camalote Popular Council police station, in Camagüey, has alarmed Cuban public opinion, which has asked to decree a state of emergency due to gender violence on the island.

Before the murder of Leidy Bacallao, three femicides had already been reported in Cuba since the beginning of 2023.

On January 30, the lifeless body of Yailanis Lázara Pérez Camacho, 36 years old and a resident of the city of Matanzas, was found. Her family had reported her missing on January 28.

“This case is under police investigation but the disappearance and characteristics of the attacks indicate femicide,” said YoSíTeCreo in Cuba.

One day before this murder, on January 29, the 18-year-old girl was reported missing. Yoilen Acosta Torriente, in the municipality of Cruces, Cienfuegos. On February 1, YoSíTeCreo in Cuba confirmed the discovery of his body.

The first femicide of the year It happened on January 5, when a police officer shot and killed his partner in Guantanamo.

Also in January the femicide of Villa Clara was confirmed Yeniset Rojas Perezreported missing since March 2022.

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