Garbage is still a problem in Santo Domingo Este

Garbage is still a problem in Santo Domingo Este

Yesterday the collection of trash in Circumscription 3 of the municipality Santo Domingo Eastwhile in other spaces such as Villa Duarte and Ensanche Isabelita, waste already occupies part of the streets, but the mayor Manuel Jimenez assures that the situation will improve because this Friday he receives 10 trucks additional.

These equipments are rented by the company that won the tender for the purchase of 24 trucks compactors that, according to the mayor, would arrive in the country in about 60 days from the 22nd of this month when they leave Asia for the Dominican Republic.

He indicated that the Mayor’s Office is working to solve the solid waste problem definitively and that is why the process is a bit slow.

“Two hundred and sixty-five million pesos were invested by the City Council in that purchase, but we must hope that the trucks When they arrive, when they arrive, we do everything possible so that the service has a level of sustainability, but the good thing about this is that the solutions we are giving are definitive and forever,” said Jiménez.

On a tour conducted by Free Daily A decrease was observed, at noon, in the large dumps that woke up this Thursday in places such as the Mendoza Highway, 25 de Febrero avenue, San Vicente de Paul, San Isidro highway, and Hípica avenue.

However, the reality was different on Calle del Faro at the corner of Los Pinos, where the trash at the intersection impedes vehicular traffic. Similarly, around the Columbus Lighthouse, the dumps were large with flies and bad odors that invade the area.

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Celestino Cabrera Encarnación, a resident of the Ensanche Isabelita, explained that the last time they saw a truck of trash It was on January 2 and it has never happened again. “There are streets like Eight and Twelve and Seven that the truck has not passed since December 23,” he said.

He reported that he communicated with one of the aldermen of Santo Domingo East and he did not know how to explain the problem and that the answer he gave him was that in front of his house there are a lot of trash. He said that in some cases the community members have to pay individuals to take part of the waste to another place.

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