Gam Capital revela sus innovadoras opciones para los inversionistas

Gam Capital reveals its innovative options for investors

Capital Capitalthe largest investment fund manager in the country, recently obtained approval to create the “GAM I Closed Fund of Funds”the first of its kind in the Dominican market and that will allow investors to access different instruments by a single entrance door.

The CEO of the company, Raul Hoyo and the director of Structuring and Analysis, Eliza Sanchez Lomakinaexplained that the company would manage, in principle, US$150 million, but that it could be expanded depending on the needs.

They indicated that they are waiting for the regulator approves whether it will be open to the general public or not.

They highlighted that, through a fund of funds, a person can invest in all of Gam’s funds under the same umbrella or entry.

“Funds of funds are the ideal way for people to invest in the real sector, because there is an administrator who can manage the assets and the risks. In other words, there is a layer of protection, with trained people who manage your resources and manage them in a diversified way,” Hoyo said.

He affirmed that Gam stands out in the Dominican market for being a pioneer and innovator in its instruments and investment and because Gam funds always obtain the best places in the country in return, risk and diversification.

He maintained that his goal for this year is to also focus on people, so that, individually, they participate in the investment funds that they have available.

On his side, Sánchez highlighted that within the five Gam funds in the so-called “Gam II”you can invest in the share capital of any company, but especially this one has focused on the tourism sector.

And, among their portfolios they have the Hotel Dreams Dominicus Bayahibewhich employs 800 people.

That hotel completed the issue of US$ 18,275,791, and the capital obtained will be used to carry out the development of Eldorado Parkthe largest and most advanced aquatic theme park in the entire Caribbean, which will be located within Cap Cana, and will have capacity for 3,000 people. It will be the first of its kind in the country.

He added that the Gam Energía fund has assets under management for US$216 million and that it can reach up to US$500 million. He said that this is the fund in the country with the largest investment in renewable energy.

He explained that the issuance of US$ 28,144,586 was recently completed, and that the capital obtained will be used to carry out the development of renewable energy projects, such as the Matrisol Solar Parkin María Trinidad Sánchez, and that its production is intended to supply the Cervecería Nacional Dominicana.

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