AN will present evidence on xenophobia and bullying against a Venezuelan child in Peru

AN will present evidence on xenophobia and bullying against a Venezuelan child in Peru

The Special Commission to Investigate Crimes against Venezuelan Migrants Abroad will present a report to the Board of Directors of the National Assembly (AN) containing a set of evidence and guidelines aimed at seeking justice in the case of the Venezuelan child Jhoangel Jesús Zambrano Alvarado, who was a victim of xenophobia and bullying in Peru.

The information was provided this Tuesday by the president of that instance, deputy Julio Chávez, after finishing a work table held in the Hall of the Shields of the Federal Legislative Palace, where Saraí Alvarado, mother of the attacked minor, participated, who presented his testimony of what happened, refers a press release.

It indicated that Alvarado submitted to the Special Commission, medical examinations, tomography, among other tests where it is evident that the current health situation of his son does not contemplate any congenital malformation as has been spread in the Peruvian media, nor an action of blackmail, bribery or demand for payment in money by relatives.

Likewise, it was consigned to the Commission for its investigative work, audios, interviews and press statements, which have been made to the mother of the minor in Peru.

He added that the legal process opened in that country for what happened will continue its course and it will be the Venezuelan embassy in that country, which will follow up, as the Venezuelan State is the guarantor of the rights of migrants anywhere in the world. .

Saraí Alvarado, in her right to speak, condemned the handling that some Peruvian media have given to this case, where they question her son’s health after the incident that occurred against him. Likewise, she denounced that until now he has not received any invitation from them to give statements in this regard.

He narrated that his son did not have trauma from blows, but a cervical injury, product of the strangulation he suffered by another child, which caused an intraventricular hemorrhage. “Physically, there is no evidence of any cranioencephalic trauma, according to the tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and different tests, but rather an internal edema,” she said.

He reiterated that, despite having presented proof, evidence, audio, medical reports in Peru about this aggression, there are still accusations of incitement to hatred, attack and xenophobia against his son, clarifying that he left that country seeking to preserve his integrity, physical stability and psychological of his son and his whole family.

He indicated that the investigations in Peru continue and that he has not retracted the complaint. “Here I am still next to the Venezuelan Embassy in Peru, the lawyers and the Special Commission to Investigate Crimes against Venezuelan Migrants Abroad, to continue fighting for our rights. In no country will we have more rights than in ours, there is no better country than Venezuela”, he stressed.

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