Galaverna denounces that Euclides receives pressure to dismount

Galaverna denounces that Euclides receives pressure to dismount

Juan Carlos Galaverna, national senator for “Honor Colorado”, denounced that there is pressure within the opposition for Euclides Acevedo to dismount his candidacy and join Efraín Alegre.

“Although this is unlikely to happen because there are ideological differences between the two candidates,” he said in an interview with Ñanduti AM.

Regarding the general elections, he affirmed that “Fuerza Republicana” registered an important flow of votes and recognized that they were great contenders.

“It is fair to recognize that the other great movement, the Party, made a great election and if we win it, it is even more merit because we beat a great adversary. The indicators are clearly to the List 1 and we are in the same situation as in the previous one of the internal ones, the only thing that could lead us to defeat the Colorados is the excess. We have an excellent candidate for the Presidency and we have a president of the Governing Board who will strengthen party institutions and will be a formidable tool that will operate with the administration of Santiago Peña’s government”, he declared.

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