Dircote and Diviac arrest the president and leaders of the Ayacucho defense front

Dircote and Diviac arrest the president and leaders of the Ayacucho defense front

Agents of the Directorate Against Terrorism (Dircote) and the Division of Investigation of High Complexity Crimes (Diviac), intervened by court order with Rocío Leandro (President), Estefany Alanya (Vice President) and Alejandro Manay (Secretary) and other members of the Board of Directors of the Ayacucho People’s Defense Front (Fredepa).

YOU CAN SEE I Ayacucho: Prosecutor’s Office investigates Fredepa leader for acts of vandalism in protests

According to close sources, the arrest was with the participation of the Special Prosecutor for Terrorism Crimes of Lima, after following up on the leaders, who were transferred to the state security office of the Ayacucho police station, and in the next few hours they would be transferred to Lime.

As recalled, a few days ago the First Provincial Corporate Criminal Prosecutor of Huamanga ordered to expand the preliminary investigation against the president of the Rocío Leandro Melgar, for the alleged crime against public peace in the form of disturbances.


After learning about the arrest, a group of market leaders and other organizations attached to the Ayacucho Defense Front, went to the headquarters of the police station where they demanded the release of the leaders who were unjustifiably intervened.

They also publicly demanded the disappearance of those intervened, for which they accused the police and the prosecutor’s office of allowing the communication and intermediation of the lawyers of the leaders.


This is the case of Rocío Leandro Melgar, current president of the so-called Ayacucho People’s Defense Front, who in the nineties, when she used the alias “comrade Cusi” was arrested and sentenced for participating in terrorist attacks promoted by Sendero Luminoso, among them the assassination of the leader of the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP).

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