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Fúster unit summoned due to lack of communication of a procedure

ANDE responded to the publications that speak of an alleged limitation of the energy supply in Villarrica, accusing the company CLYFSA of requesting more power to benefit bitcoin miners.

Through a release published this Friday, the National Electricity Administration established a position on the controversy raised with the Compañía Luz y Fuerza SA (CLYFSA)responsible for the provision of energy in the city of Villarrica.

In this regard, ANDE maintains that said entity “is not telling the truth”, accusing it of benefiting from more than USD 11 million due to the difference in tariffs regarding the payment for the energy received.

Thanks to a judicial protection promoted years ago, CLYFSA today enjoys a great advantage by paying a lower rate than other ANDE users in the rest of the country, denounces the state company.

In 2021, CLYFSA paid ANDE only 23.84 USD/MWh for the energy purchased, while ANDE in the same period purchased it at 29.46 USD/MWh, the statement said.

In another section, it states that from March 2021 to December 2021, the Villa Rican company has submitted to ANDE four requests for an Increase in Reserved Power, which show a growth of 53%, well above the vegetative growth of load. This fact could even mean a risk for the infrastructure and the energy supply to other users.

ANDE accuses CLYFSA of requesting this increase in power demand for the sale of electricity to bitcoin miners, taking advantage of the situation of buying energy at a cheaper price. On this point, he mentions that in the city of Villarrica Industrial Crypto Mining Operations Increased Noticeably since the year 2020.

“CLYFSA accuses ANDE of violating the rights of its users, when it is CLYFSA itself that, through legal action conspicuously promoted and resolved in its locality, manages to violate the principle of “Equality” established in art. 46 of the National Constitution, obtaining a much lower rate than those paid by the rest of the Paraguayan population. All this has meant multimillion-dollar income for the shareholders of this company to the detriment of ANDE’s assets,” the statement concludes.

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