Fundidora Park bets on water recycling in Paseo Santa Lucía

Fundidora Park bets on water recycling in Paseo Santa Lucía

Monterey, NL. With the aim of preserving Paseo Santa Lucía in the face of the water crisis, Parque Fundidora built a water recycling and pumping station, which will save one million liters of water per day, the same that previously went to the Santa Catarina River.

The investment amounted to 12 million pesos, with this, it will be possible to capture the water runoff that is generated in the crucible of the Paseo de Santa Lucía pier and a closed circuit will be created to avoid a significant reduction in water losses, commented Bernardo Bichara, Executive President of Fundidora Park.

Paseo Santa Lucía is a 2.5-kilometer artificial river that runs from the Museum of Mexican History to Fundidora Park, one of the most attractive points for tourism. It was inaugurated on September 15, 2007.

After the inauguration of the work, Bernardo Bichara, reported that through this system it will be possible to reuse the artificial river waterwith which the ecological improvement and the sustainable operation of the Saint Lucia Channel.

“Without recycling the water, it would not have been possible to keep the Santa Lucía Canal with water in the future in the face of this drought.”

“This flagship work of the state was achieved through innovation and the work of everyone at Parque Fundidora. The work will save more than 1 million liters for the benefit of all citizens, in this new era of parks in New Lion. Today we are materializing one of our commitments, at a time that requires innovative solutions and collaboration for water care,” said Bernardo Bichara.

It should be remembered that last March, Bernardo Bichara indicated that by prioritizing the use of water for human consumption, Fundidora Park is being irrigated with little water that is not drinkable.


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