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Fujimorist congressman affirms that he will vote against the vacancy: The president will have already reflected

Fujimorist congressman affirms that he will vote against the vacancy: The president will have already reflected

The Congressman for Popular Force Raul Huaman assured that he would not vote in favor of the vacancy against the president peter castle in the plenary session this Monday, March 28. Despite confirming that his bench has not yet made a decision as a parliamentary group, he considered that they could leave the vote to each one’s decision.

“I don’t think the bench is so vertical. Probably, they are going to leave each one of us free to show the position we have according to our convictions (…). We are disciplined regarding the agreement of the bench”, he told Channel N.

According to the Fujimori legislator, his position is supported by his “respect for the laws”since he is a lawyer, and considered that Castillo Terrones should be able to complete his administration during the time for which he was elected.

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“I am respectful of the laws; It is not in vain that I have stepped foot in university classrooms, I have studied Law. I must respect what the law mandates (…). The president was elected for five years and I think he should fulfill his mandate”, he asserted.

Likewise, Huamán Coronado expressed that he considers that the president has been able to reflect on the mistakes he has made since the beginning of his term and has had time to put aside the “shadow cabinet” to replace it with excellent professionals who advise him to leave. of the crisis.

“It is true that he has made a number of mistakes. Who is not wrong in the world? I believe that the President is going to reflect, or has already reflected, and (has begun) to surround himself with good advisers, not from the group of people who, instead of helping him, have disoriented him and (for this reason) have made a lousy administration of the Republic,” he added.

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At another time, he specified that it was not the day that the plenary session included the admission to debate of the motion to impeach the head of state. However, he stated that he would have voted against it.

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