Fuerza del Pueblo inicia jornada solidaria con entrega de cajas navideñas

Fuerza del Pueblo begins a solidarity day with the delivery of Christmas boxes at SDE

Santo Domingo East. – The People’s Force began its solidarity journey this Sunday with the delivery of hundreds of Christmas boxes in the constituency No. 1 of Santo Domingo Este, in the province of Santo Domingo; The day is part of the development of activities chaired by Leonel Fernández and the Fuerza del Pueblo, in various parts of the country and aims to bring a helping hand to thousands of low-income families.

In representation of the president of the FP, was Nathanel Concepción, who in turn is political supervisor of the constituency No. 1 of Santo Domingo Este; He stated that the purpose of the day is to offer a helping hand to humble people and provide them with the basics so that together with their family and loved ones they can share Christmas Eve and have a Merry Christmas.

Present was the president of constituency No.1 of SDE, Luis Hernández, who said he was satisfied with the great work carried out; He took advantage of the occasion to thank God first and then the president of the People’s Force, Leonel Fernández, for being the inspiring spark and great support of the activity.

“We want to thank God and then Leonel Fernández, because he inspires us to do this type of activity, we also want to thank our colleague Nathanael Concepción, who was the first person who had the idea of ​​doing a survey in this demarcation to determine the amount of family that lives here, in the same way thank comrade Mélido Santos, for his delivery and dedication, and with him all the comrades for this great gesture that comes to benefit hundreds of families who really need it ” , said the political leader.

For her part, the member of the Political Directorate of the People’s Force, Juliana O’Neal, was enthusiastic about the day developed. She indicated that this help comes from Leonel Fernández and the People’s Force, so that they have a dignified good night, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

The event was held in the populous Hoyo de Alma Rosa sector of Santo Domingo Este constituency No. 1, was attended by dozens of FP leaders, who collaborated in the assembly and development of the activity.

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