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A confrontation between alleged cattle rustlers took place last night in the area of ​​Alto Verá, department of Itapúa. It is presumed that Dionisio “Patrón” Bustamante, accused of being a leader of the UPP, was wounded during the shooting.

Commissioner Hugo Aguilera, director of the Itapúa Police, told C9N that yesterday there was a shooting confrontation between alleged antagonistic groups in a rural area of ​​the Alto Verá district.

As he explained, a group of cattle rustlers carried out a new coup and managed to slaughter a bovine specimen with which they later held a celebration in a precarious ranch-type home.

For this celebration they invited Dionisio “Patrón” Bustamante, a dangerous criminal who keeps the Itapúa area in turmoil and is accused of being the leader of the UPP criminal group.

The incident occurred last night but the Police only became aware this afternoon after a person with a gunshot wound entered the Caronay health center. This is Isidoro Benítez Insfrán, who has an arrest warrant for sexual coercion of minors.

While they were sharing dinner, another group came to the place where they were and began a shootout that left some wounded, including Insfrán, as well as a deceased person, Daniel Insfrán, who was his brother.

It is presumed that Dionisio Bustamente also received bullet wounds and that he is currently wounded, according to Aguilera during the interview.

The hypothesis that is handled is that it would be another group dedicated to cattle rustling in that sector and that the attack was caused by apparent jealousy between criminals, the police chief told C9N.

When going to the place where the shooting took place, the ranch was found completely incinerated, in addition to several served vanillas and the remains of the steer product of cattle rustling.

The National Police leads various raids in the area to capture “Patrón” Bustamente, who would have taken refuge somewhere after being injured. Inquiries are also made in healthcare centers and pharmacies.

In another order of things, Aguilera denied the alleged existence of the Patriotic Union of Paraguay (UPP) criminal group and mentioned that it was eliminated some time ago, so Bustamante would operate by perpetrating various criminal acts on his own.

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