Bruno Pacheco would have delivered annotations made by Pedro Castillo on promotions

Bruno Pacheco would have delivered annotations made by Pedro Castillo on promotions

The former Secretary General of the Government Palace, would have delivered to the papers handwritten by President Pedro Castillo with instructions on promotions in the Armed Forces and the Police, according to Panorama.

According to the Sunday paper, the paper written by Castillo was written after he had a meeting in Cajamarca with his friend Augusto Bocanegra Gálvez, who spoke to him and recommended his children. Thus, the president wrote down their names and then gave Pacheco a piece of paper in which he said what he said: “Colonel Marco Marín – Military House, must be relieved by Colonel Bocanegra Peruvian Army.”

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The program details that on September 14, 2021, the colonel of Tacabamba, Chota, Ciro Bocanegra Loayza, son of his friend, is assigned to the military house of the Government Palace. Castillo Terrones wanted to relieve the deputy head of the military house, Marco Marín.

The Sunday newspaper also reports that Colonel Ciro Bocanegra Loayza, since he joined to date, has been serving as a member of the Cabinet of advisers to the Presidency of the Republic and does not depend hierarchically on this military house, according to General Miguel Alberto Herrera. Céspedes, head of the Military House, to the aforementioned program.

This was not the only case, since the program shows that Pacheco delivered a second handwritten by Castillo that reads: “General Olivera from Transit to PNP School, also commissions, retirement passes.”

In this case, that of General Olivera de Tránsito, Panorama reports that it was not fulfilled. However, the investigation indicates that Pacheco did do his homework, and did attempt what the president ordered.

According to Olivera Panorama’s statements, he was never assigned to school as Castillo Terrones’s handwriting says. However, her version reveals that Pacheco did comply with what the president wrote to him.


The plenary session was suspended after incidents between some congressmen.

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