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From the Ibero-American Festival an approach to Cuban culture

From the Ibero-American Festival an approach to Cuban culture

In the official account of the Casa de Iberoamérica on Facebook, researchers and artists delved into this text, of which they recognized the importance of revisiting it, due to its importance to face the historical urgencies and current challenges of Cuban society.

Lino Verdecia, a film critic, said that Palabras… was a great conversation, a dialogical meeting, turned into a document of great contribution, whose validity is imposed by the need for dialogue between cultural institutions and their creators.

For his part, Eduardo Ávila, director of the Casa de Iberoamérica, stressed that its vitality is not only in the writing, but in the ability to understand what is expressed in it, in the midst of the circumstances in which it occurred.

“It is an evaluation at a time of full conflict, revolutionary exaltation and expression of an apparent contradiction between creation and the Revolution,” he argued.

‘If you move that scenario from the 60s to the first two decades of the 21st century, you find a revolutionary context in effervescence, and then you discover a new document; not the writing for the intellectuals of the twentieth century, but for the present or those of tomorrow: here is its imperishable value ‘.

The Doctor of Science also said that “the greatest challenge at this time is in the ability to offer our spaces and our ways of doing things to promote dialogue.”

The 60th anniversary of Palabras a los Intellectuales is dedicated to the 26th edition of the Ibero-American Culture Festival, which also pays tribute to the centenary of the birth of the Cuban narrator, essayist and critic Cintio Vitier.

Since October 24, the Party has proposed spaces for participation with the Ibero-American Congress of Thought, as well as exhibitions of plastic artists and concerts, transmitted by the Casa’s profiles on Facebook, YouTube and Telegram.

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