From RCN News to start a company: Felipe Arias promotes his line of shoes

From RCN News to start a company: Felipe Arias promotes his line of shoes

Felipe Arias, presenter of RCN News.

The manizalita presenter now bets on entrepreneurship.

Colombia News.

Felipe Arias is one of the most charismatic news presenters and most loved by Colombian viewers.

At 50 years of age, the social communicator born in Manizales, is consolidated in the RCN channel as a great journalist and now the Caldense is betting on continuing his life project also on the entrepreneurial side.

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For some time now, the presenter has been working on a line of men’s shoes whose brand is his personal stamp: Felipe Arias.

Today, the presenter has promoted his footwear on the occasion of a special date that is coming up: ‘Father’s Day’.

This date will be celebrated on June 19 in Colombia and the journalist has already launched some promotions to sell his products.

The catalog of footwear sold by Arias can be found on its website Philip Aries.

Some shoes range from 200 thousand pesos to $400,000.

«These were spectacular, special for Father’s Day gift. They are Philip reference. Order them at These are dressing and versatile 100% leather tennis shoes with a fine foam inside, which makes them totally comfortable, ”says the publication of one of their shoes.

In social networks, his followers have been excited about these shoes and many have predicted success in his new business.

Cover photo: @felipearias

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