From France they call to collaborate with Cuba to overcome the damage of Hurricane Ian

Cubans residing in France and French solidarity and cooperation associations joined forces in a call to support the Island after the scourge of the powerful Hurricane Ianwhich left severe damage, especially material, in the western region.

In a statement cited by the agency Latin Press (PL), the Coordinator of Cuban Residents in France called for “a collection of funds and materials” that will be sent to the Antillean nation, where the winds with gusts of about 200 k/h and the rains associated with the Hurricane Ian They caused severe damage on Tuesday, especially in Pinar del Río.

“We launched this joint solidarity operation with the organizations Cuba Coopération France (CubaCoop), Cuba Si France, France Cuba and Cuba Linda,” states the Coordinator’s statement, which invited other associations and people willing to join the call.

He also stressed that the island needs support in these difficult times.

The source points out that the Cuban ambassador to France, Otto Vaillant, thanked the call for solidarity with Cuba in the face of the damage caused by this hurricane, the worst for the island in the current season.

The governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico and international organizations have also announced aid to the Island. like the UN itselfamong others on which the Minrex has given information.

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