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Friedrich Naumann Foundation on meeting with congressmen: “All parties should have been invited”

Friedrich Naumann Foundation on meeting with congressmen: "All parties should have been invited"

The legal representative of the Joerg Dehnert, regretted that in the meeting between congressmen on February 9 at the Casa Andina hotel, members of all the benches were not invited.

In his presentation before the Foreign Relations Commission this Friday the 18th, he reported that the entity does not interfere in the politics of any country, because its role is to strengthen the rule of law and ensure respect for human rights.

He said that the meeting on February 9 was based on the strengthening of institutions, among other issues, for which he regretted that the objective of that meeting, which was attended by congressmen from different benches, had been misunderstood.

“The Friedrich Naumann Foundation defends the democratic rule of law in all countries and, in this case (the meeting), it was a set of events that were aimed at all parties and all parties should have been invited to all these sessions; this was not the case of the meeting we are talking about and we are very sorry for that”he stated.

Dehnert referred that due to this “failure”the decision has been made to terminate the cooperation with the local counterpart, the Center for Innovation in Public Policies (CIPP).

“We as a foundation respect the democratic institutions of each country and we have no interference or interfere in the internal affairs or in the politics of each country”he underlined.

During the debate, Congresswoman Yessica Amuruz (Avanza País) affirmed that the appointment at the Casa Andina hotel was of a public nature “and it does not compare with the meetings held by President Castillo in the house located on Sarratea Street late at night”.

In turn, the congresswoman Janet Rivas (Free Peru) stated that “This type of meeting is not bad, but it is worrying that not all the benches have been invited”.

As it is recalled, according to the weekly “Hildebrandt en sus trece”, a meeting was held on February 9 where the president of Congress participated, Maria del Carmen Alva (Popular Action), and legislators from Fuerza Popular, Renovación Popular, Acción Popular, Alianza para el Progreso, Podemos Perú and Avanza País, where the issue of the presidential vacancy was presumably addressed.


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