French show interest in tourist destination Cuba

The World Tourism Show in Paris and a Cuban Night with the presence of French tour operators showed this week the interest of the public and local professionals in the vacation destination offered by the island.

Based at the Puerta de Versalles fairgrounds, the show takes place in this capital from March 17 to 20, and in its first two days it confirmed that the largest of the Antilles can be an attractive option for those who are finally planning their first trips away from Europe, after two years of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Minister of Tourism of the Cuban embassy, ​​Diana Rosa González, told Prensa Latina that the event scheduled until Sunday reflects the interest in a destination that goes far beyond the sun and the beach, due to its rich culture and history, as well as for the human warmth of its people.

Many have approached the stand with travel plans, said the specialist, who experienced similar moments in Lille and Lyon during recent tourism forums.

At the 45th World Tourism Show, the French public participates in talks in which they receive details about the attractions they will find in Cuba and enjoy moments of relaxation with a journey through the traditional and dance music of the Caribbean country.

I definitely want to go as soon as possible, they tell me that I can’t miss a vacation there, said the young Delphine in a tone as sure as it was almost inaudible, due to the sound of the music.

Also for Marie, the trip is a goal in sight, although in her case it is to repeat in the largest of the Antilles an experience lived before the bad intentions of Covid-19 viciously stirred up the world of the so-called industry without chimneys. .

Before the start of the Exhibition, the Cuban embassy in Paris was the venue on Tuesday for an evening that brought together several French tour operators, a meeting in which González presented the novelties of the reactivation of tourism, among them in terms of hotel infrastructure and quality from service.

In a dialogue with Prensa Latina, directors of the Le Vacon group, Havanatour Paris and Sol Latino highlighted the importance of the Cuba destination, which they described as authentic, safe and rich for its cultural, natural and human welcome.

According to specialists, the market is showing signs of a gradual recovery after the impact of the pandemic, and could present a takeoff in the coming months, with a probable return to normality in the season that runs from November of this year to April. of 2023.

Speaking at the evening, the Cuban ambassador Otto Vaillant stressed that the favorable outlook that the island has today and the boost to international tourism are the fruit of the achievement of Cuban science to protect almost the entire population with its own vaccines, including that of between two and five years.

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