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#FreeZone | The resurrection of the opposition

#FreeZone | Mexico and our social duel

What an Easter Sunday the opposition to the so-called 4T regime experienced! The feeling of victory was evident in the 223 legislators who managed to bring down the electrical reform, one of the biggest bets of the López Obrador government.

It is no secret to anyone that the opposition has been ineffective in fighting Morena and its satellite parties, such as the PT and the PVEM. The falls had been constant, round by round, the so-called 4T seemed to overwhelm the unsuccessful attempts of the PAN, PRI and PRD as a whole.

The polls have kept the president’s popularity above 55% and in some it exceeds 65%, which has made us wonder what is happening with the opposition current? Why can’t they agree to knock down those numbers?

The phenomenon of López Obrador as a Mexican candidate and politician is impressive. We cannot predict the future, but it is unlikely that we will meet again, in a long time, with a contender so entrenched in his millions of followers. As a communicator he is relentless, he knows how to speak directly to his faithful; he has managed to fascinate his public, take them to the maximum alienation for his person and designs.

But his numbers are no longer those of 2018. The departure of his government looks closer and closer and last Sunday his opponents raised their heads after years of gloom.

A blow where it hurts the most

Last Monday, April 18, in a space on Twitter, former President Vicente Fox was right in a comment: “The opposition showed López Obrador that he is not afraid of him.” It is interesting, because Fox, having been the first opposition president, was also a phenomenon at the polls and his attitude was always confrontational and even pejorative against the PRI regime.

The talk that lasted a couple of hours turned into the testimony of a former president who humbly accepted that the end of his government had been lackluster, thanks to a very complicated issue: the majority of Congress was against him.

This is where Fox points out that the opposition has to act, precisely in the chambers, because it is in them that the country is truly debated, where the president’s power can be weakened.

Perhaps one of the factors of victory, of the opposing unit and its resurgence as a Phoenix bird has an orange tint. For years, the Movimiento Ciudadano party had shown doubts and little confidence in the “Va X México” alliance. However, the good taste in their mouths that they could take away from last Sunday could strengthen the long-awaited global alliance of adversaries of the federal government.

Perhaps it is the Citizen Movement that has the most to gain by joining this broad front. When the names of the possible candidates for the presidency are considered, the PAN and PRI profiles are very far from Marcelo Ebrard or Claudia Sheimbaun. But when the name of Luis Donaldo Colosio is mentioned, the opposition takes a leap and manages to climb quite a bit.

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