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The trial of the former official has become, in a few days, the largest generator of notes, due to the interesting stories that have been released.

García Luna was the creator of the “war against drug trafficking”, which made him be considered one of the most powerful men in Mexico. He never concealed his intention to go beyond security issues to catapult himself into politics and, even, in the corridors of Los Pinos there was talk that he was seeking to replace his boss Felipe Calderón in the Presidency of the Republic, championed by his party, the PAN.

From his public trial, in New York, the evidence that the prosecution has in its hands to convict the Mexican will be presented daily.

The United States claims to have one million 200,000 pages of documents, 7,000 recordings; accounts of dozens of witnesses who belonged to different criminal groups that point to him as the operator and direct beneficiary of the drug trafficking business.

Who has the responsibility in his hands, of the life of García Luna, is a judge known by the mafia bosses; His name is Brian Cogan, who presided over the trial of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

Cogan is known for his “strong hand” against well-known criminals who have gone through his federal court.

On this occasion, he will have to assess the thousands of pieces of evidence against the most notorious former Mexican official in history to be brought to trial, for crimes as serious as the international conspiracy to distribute cocaine; conspiracy to knowingly distribute and possess cocaine, and conspiracy to import cocaine.

Although the trial is too young, from very early on the prosecution explained that García Luna was being followed and investigated even before his high office in the six-year term from 2016 to 2012.

If found guilty, he could spend anywhere from 10 years to his entire life in prison.

Calderonist anxiety

García Luna’s torment has become a sequel to what they called “the trial of the century”, when ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán was on the bench, and was later sentenced to life imprisonment.

The suffocating drug culture in which we live has made this event a true spectacle. It has the perfect ingredients for the voracious hunger to know what exactly happened in that bloody and confusing war against drug traffickers that Felipe Calderón ended up losing.

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