Free way to purchase renewable energy by Air-e

Free way to purchase renewable energy by Air-e

With the presence of the Deputy Minister of Energy, Miguel Lotero Robledo; the General Manager of Air-e, Jhon Jairo Toro, and representatives of 5 firms, 4 international and one Colombian, the formal act of signing the purchase of non-conventional renewable energy for the company’s clients in the departments of Atlantic, Magdalena and La Guajira.

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This event becomes a great step for the company Air-e in its commitment to the environment, mitigation of climate change and its contribution to the energy transition with cleaner energy sources in the country.“, assured the company.

Representatives from the 4 international firms Mainstream Renewable Power, from Ireland; Abo Wind, from Germany; Cox Energy, from Spain; Greenyellow, from France, and a fifth Colombian firm Smart Consulting Group.

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Thanks to the energy purchase processes led by Air-e, there will be access to nearly 200 megawatts of power, which is equivalent to cconsumption of more than 170,000 families. This means a reduction in emissions by more than 128,000 tons of CO2 a year or the planting of almost 700,000 trees.

For manager Toro, this new auction and long-term contracting mechanism will allow the construction of solar projects in the departments of Bolivar, Magdalena, Sucre, Valle del Cauca and Tolima.

With these calls, in addition, Air-e acts as the first distribution company that bets on the organization of private auctions in the country in order to promote the construction and operation of renewable projects.

This auction represents an important milestone for the company, its users and the country because we want to promote the production of energy in an environmentally friendly manner. Likewise, we look for competitive prices for the benefit of our clients.”, said Toro.

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For his part, Deputy Minister Lotero pointed out that “the entry of energy from non-conventional renewable sources into the electricity grid of La Guajira, Atlántico and Magdalena thanks to this Air-e auction ratifies the country’s commitment to an environmentally friendly energy transition, while adding reliability to the system. From the Ministry of Mines and Energy we applaud these initiatives“.

For his part, Manuel Tagle, Latam manager of Mainstream Renewable Power, said “we are in the 5 continents developing, building and operating renewable energy parks. The first Latin American country we arrived at was Chile, where we are developing a portfolio of more than 2.3 GWh of clean energy, which has positioned us as a relevant player in the decarbonization of the country’s energy matrix. The signing of this contract with Air-e is a milestone that marks the beginning of our path in Colombia, a market that we have analyzed and that seems extremely attractive to us for the development of wind and solar energy”.


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