Four schools of the Special Group choose sambas for Carnival 2023

Four schools of the Special Group choose sambas for Carnival 2023

With the court packed and the day dawning, Acadêmicos do Salgueiro, which this year turns 70, announced today (12) the samba-enredo Vermelha Passion Salgueira as the winner at Carnival 2023, the year in which the school tries its tenth champion title with the theme “Delírios de um Paraíso Vermelho”, by the carnival artist Edson Pereira.Four schools of the Special Group choose sambas for Carnival 2023

The plot developed by the carnival artist speaks of vanities and envy among men. The synopsis says that “where I used to value, today I put a price. I sell my dignity cheap, because my paradise is formed by my goods. News of corrupted times, the pleasures of the flesh, devastating gluttony and moral laziness. Accounts of dark and cold periods”.

The document that will give life to the plot says that hope is reborn in faith, at the point of the sword, a duel of good against evil. In the daily struggle against the heads of a dragon insatiable for suffering.

And he says: “Even if the same story were told seventy times or illustrated by thirty talented hands, it would be difficult to fantasize about this place of reunion with freedom, where sin no longer lives next door, because the sacred and the profane mix, they are as mundane as divine, sources from the same creator. Just open your eyes and float through the charms and delusions of the new red paradise, pulsating like the Academia do Samba, alive with desires and pleasures”.

The partnership of the champion samba is of eight composers: Moysés Santiago, Líbero, Serginho do Porto, Celino Dias, Aldir Sena, Orlando Ambrósio, Gilmar Silva and Marquinho Bombeiro. The chorus raised the crowd in the voice of the school interpreter, Emerson Dias. The drums went to the streets of Tijuca to celebrate the choice of samba.

Willow is the fourth carioca carnival special group school to define the samba-enredo for the 2023 parade. Paraíso do Tuiuti was the first to announce the winning samba that will pack the “Mocangueiro da Cara Preta” theme.


Estação Primeira de Mangueira has also chosen samba for the plot As Áfricas que a Bahia canta; as well as Vila Isabel, whose theme for 2023 is the theme of this party, I take Faith.

The next finals take place between the 14th and 17th, with Portela, Império Serrano, Viradouro and Imperatriz Leopoldinense announcing their winning sambas.

Between the 20th and 23rd of October, the last groups do the same: Beija-Flor, Grande Rio, Unidos da Tijuca and Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, define their sambas.

*With information from reporter Cristiane Ribeiro, from Radiojornalismo

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