Four people are charged for a street fight in Cordón that ended with one dead

Justice charged four people with the crime of brawl resulting in death due to the cordon homicide.

These four people were arranged 180-day pre-trial detention while investigations continueas he told The Observer the Director of Public Prosecution Communications, Javier Benech.

Likewise, a woman was not charged in this case, but “some limiting measures” were imposed on her that are “prior” to this judicial instance; These include the “prohibition of approaching certain places and the obligation to establish an address,” said the official from the Public Ministry.

On Friday afternoon a street fight in the Colonia and Vázquez streets of the Cordón neighborhood (Montevideo), which ended with a man in his 30s dead. Consequently, the police arrested six people.

The victim died due to a stab wound, according to prosecutor Mirtha Morales; she added that there was “a big argument” before the fight.

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