Four opposition leaders serve 300 days in prison under torture and broken health

This April 4, the political prisoners Juan Sebastián Chamorro, José Adán Aguerri, Violeta Granera and Félix Maradiaga will be serving 300 days in the dungeons of the Nicaraguan regime. The opposition leaders, according to their relatives, suffer torture and have increased their health problems derived from the conditions in which they find themselves since their arrest.

Through Twitter, the opposition organization Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy stressed that the imprisonment of the hostages of conscience is for “thinking differently, protesting and wanting a free Nicaragua. Loving Nicaragua is not treason against the country!

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For her part, the vice president of the Nicaraguan University Alliance (AUN), Dolly Mora, denounced that the opponents are serving 300 days “unjustly imprisoned and also serving sentences handed down arbitrarily, we demand their immediate freedom Juan Sebastián, José Adán, Doña Violeta ( Granera) and Felix are innocent!

Maradiaga, Chamorro and Aguerri were sentenced to 13 years in prison while Granera was sentenced to eight years. They are all accused of “treason against the country.” The trials were “riddled with irregularities” in which at least 27 police officers appeared as witnesses.

Chamorro was arrested on June 8, 2021 at his home in Intermezzo del Bosque in Managua. His house was raided, he was beaten and transferred in a police patrol. After that event, his wife had to leave the country and she has embarked on an international tour denouncing the release of the political prisoner.

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Félix Maradiaga was arrested that same day after appearing for an “interview” with the Public Ministry. At the time of his capture, the also member of the Blue and White National Unit (Unab) was beaten by police officers. Since his lockdown he has lost about 50 pounds, according to his relatives. Businessman José Adán Aguerri was arbitrarily detained by police agents at the service of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

For her part, Violeta Granera Padilla was detained during the night of June 8 at her home on Carretera Sur. Since she was detained, she has lost approximately 30 pounds of weight, she has problems with her teeth and her stomach, therefore, it is difficult for her to eat.

The oldest political prisoner has been forcibly isolated and the constant interrogations to which she is subjected every day, denounces her son who has demanded that she be placed under house arrest.

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