Four key aspects to promote the energy transition in the country

Four key aspects to promote the energy transition in the country

Almost three months have passed since Peru renewed its commitment to promote to contribute to the energy transition and economic reactivation after the .

This willingness brings up the increasingly urgent need for the public and private sectors to make an effort to increase the participation of renewable energies in their economic activities.

According to information from the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin) as of 2020, the energy provided by the three types of non-conventional renewable resources (solar, wind and biomass energy) reached only 5.98% of the national electricity matrix.

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In this context, it is essential that the private sector joins the public sector’s commitment to contribute to the sustainable development goal (SDG 7) of achieving the energy transition by promoting clean energy by 2030.

Below, within the framework of World Energy Day, four key aspects are highlighted that Red Eléctrica Internacional (REI) considers necessary so that companies in the energy sector can join the commitment to the energy transition:

  • Measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is important to carry out this process rigorously and transparently, if it is not carried out it can not only affect the environment, but also the competitiveness and even the sustainability of your company.
  • Promote the integration of renewable energy available in the electricity system. For this, it will be important to minimize discharges and accelerate progress in meeting the objectives of the energy transition.
  • Promote technological innovation initiatives. This will allow contributing to the development of the energy transition and telecommunications, as well as creating a more connected, intelligent and sustainable place.
  • Promote the use of the circular economy. Go from linear consumption –use and throw away– to an economic model based on the optimization of resources and reduction of unnecessary consumption.


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