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Four essential skills for Peruvian entrepreneurs

Four essential skills for Peruvian entrepreneurs

During the last year there has been an increase in the interest of for training in different aspects of improvement for your business. 92% of entrepreneurs have accessed plans of and improvement of their abilities and skills, resulting in the area of ​​marketing and advertising, management of virtual sales media with web pages and networks, the most chosen, according to a study prepared by Ipsos.

“The largest number of trademarks registered during the pandemic are led by the food products sector, followed by pharmaceuticals and, finally, advertising and commercial business management. In these times, 64% of entrepreneurs belong to the segment of ladies and 36% are men. We can see that they seek to develop opportunities through knowledge management and this is reflected in their interest in different courses, where training on import/export issues and tax and tax issues also stands out,” says Jaime León, coordinator of the University Extension Program of Le Cordon Bleu University.

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Another aspect that stands out is the presence of the family within micro-enterprises, since in two out of three businesses a family member of the entrepreneur works, mainly in the commercial sector and in businesses led by women.

“Enterprises account for a significant percentage of the GDP, with the effect of success being very important aspects, which can be observed in most of the ventures.” There are different competencies that are increasingly being developed in these and focus on:

  1. creative and inventive. -An entrepreneur must have good ideas that allow him to create products or services that really help the public. In this, a large part of Peruvian entrepreneurs are distinguished, since it is not only about inventing things, but also giving another approach to products or services that already exist, seeking differentiation.
  2. Desire to value our culture. -It has to do with highlighting the natural resources that Peru has, as well as its cultural expressions, taking advantage of their potential to make them succeed in the world.
  3. Technological: This is a constant, information technology is increasingly conceived as a strategic business partner, since it is a response to the purchasing behavior of new digital consumers.
  4. Contribute to society and have a positive impact on it: Businesses know the world could be a better place and they want to do something about it, especially young people. For example, in recent years, startups committed to caring for the environment have emerged.

The enterprises now have the opportunity to provide innovative solutions to society, starting from the problem to create a successful business.


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