Former UNH rector sentenced to 6 years for premises that collapsed in 2017

Former UNH rector sentenced to 6 years for premises that collapsed in 2017

A sentence in the first instance fell against the ex-rector of the and other officials for an investigation into the construction of the educational facility, which collapsed during construction in 2017.

The sentence was obtained after an investigation by the Specialized Corporate Prosecutor for Corruption Crimes of Officials of directed by the prosecutor Frans Ponce Rosado, after a process followed in the First Unipersonal Court directed by Judge Freddy Ramos.

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Those sentenced are, the then rector Nicasio Valencia Mamani; the former head of infrastructure, César Quinto Palomares; the construction supervisor, Luis Agustín Osores Zanabria and the legal representative of the University Consortium, Francisco Pedro Córdova Chipana, who could still appeal.

The sentence was settled in six years of effective prison, which must be ratified in a second instance, if those sentenced would appeal.

The crime is fraudulent embezzlement, due to the agreement between senior management officials of the UNH and the contractor, who favored the company so that it could increase the budget for the work, which initially was 5 million soles, and in the end, ended up costing 7 million 560 thousand soles.

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In the sentence it can be seen that this increase was not justified, since they did not adequately support the quotes, budget variation, in a contract that was a tender offer, the increases would have to be exceptional.

The rector Valencia Mamani approved the technical file without there being a technical report from the user area, that is, from the university itself.


Moreover, the contractor would have also presented false documents on the technical file, on the issue of who was going to prepare it, since the professionals who offered did not do so and those who supposedly did affirm before the Prosecutor’s Office that they never participated in the process.

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The sentence was learned in the advance ruling hearing held on Monday, March 28 at 2:30 p.m., the full sentence will be read on April 7.

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