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Former official channel presenter is accused of aggravated fraud

Former official channel presenter is accused of aggravated fraud

The Ortega Police reported the capture of four citizens accused of the crimes of aggravated fraud and estelionato, to the detriment of four automobile companies. One of the defendants is the former presenter of the pro-government television Ingrid Vannesa Torrez Aráuz.

The police report indicates that Torrez Aráuz, Katty Yorleni Torrez Arauz, Roberto José Obando Sánchez and Marlon Joel Beteta Ramírez were denounced by the companies for renting vehicles to later sell or pawn them. “The Police recovered 21 vehicles: 14 cars, 6 vans and 1 truck, which were handed over to their owners,” the statement details.

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Family Rent a Cars, Rent a Car Travel, Arauz Rent a Car and Transporte Jader Morales were the companies that sent their complaints to Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 of Managua, affirm that those indicated “through written and verbal contracts they leased vehicles and they were not returned to their owners.”

Former official channel presenter is accused of aggravated fraud

In order not to return the cars or trucks they rented, they did not answer the telephone numbers they provided at the time of signing the contract or making the verbal arrangement, the representatives of the affected companies said.

The Police affirm that the subjects Gilberto Salvador Rivera Ramos and Karen María Escorcia Cano, who are fugitives and are currently being searched for and captured, were also identified as the perpetrators of these crimes.

Ingrid Torrez was a presenter and model for the official channel 4, she worked in the dynamics that sought to reward viewers through their tuning. In addition, she was used for a long time for the “regalona tours” that the medium carried out in different neighborhoods of Managua.

After being presented, the captured were sent to the order of the competent authorities so that they answer for the signs of the rental companies.

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