Former mayor of VMT coordinated with Bruno Pacheco in pressures Sunat to favor companies

Former mayor of VMT coordinated with Bruno Pacheco in pressures Sunat to favor companies

, former mayor of (VMT), appears as part of the coordination between the former secretary of and the head of Sunat, Luis Enrique Vera Castillo, to favor certain companies who have a debt with said entity.

Panorama highlighted that in the conversations between the ex-right arm of President Pedro Castillo and the head of Sunat, the name of Silvia Barrera appears as the person responsible for sending some documents referring to the Deltron Group.

Barrera Vásquez’s name appears in the chat because the coordination between Pacheco and Vera was carried out through the Telegram messaging application. It was thus where it is distinguished that the former presidential secretary forwarded a document that had previously been sent by Barrera.

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In addition, according to the Government Palace visit transparency portal, the former mayor of VMT went nine times to the presidential headquarters to visit the offices of the secretary and general assistant secretary. In August, he spoke for up to five hours with the now former official.

The Lima Gris portal revealed conversations in which Bruno Pacheco pressures Luis Vera to “support” the computer products company Grupo Deltron. In addition, he asked that the lawyer Marco Urbina be appointed to the position of public auctioneer for the Intendancy of the Sunat in Trujillo.

Given this, the superintendent of Sunat, Luis Vera, affirmed that the institution he directs acts with total “objectivity” and strictly adhering to “technical criteria.” He rejected that he had acceded to Bruno Pacheco’s requests.

However, the prosecution is investigating Bruno Pacheco for influence peddling, bribery and illegal sponsorship. Reason for which he submitted his resignation last Friday, November 19.


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